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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Blues. {The Dyson Children}

I love Easter, and Spring, and all the pretty colors. One of my all time favorite shades is baby blue. I love it, so needless to say, the main color in this photo shoot makes me smile. The baby blue outfits are pretty but I think everyone will agree that it is the baby blue eyes on the adorable children that makes these pictures simply beautiful!  You will see where they may have gotten them from! Mama said she never likes any of the pictures that she is in, but how could she not like these first three!?  Spring time makes a beautiful backdrop! Here’s your {sneak peak}, enjoy!

  IMG_5228 copywatermark IMG_5234 copy copy

IMG_5172 copy  IMG_5175 copy  IMG_5197 copyIMG_5195 copy

IMG_5225 copy

    IMG_5186 copyIMG_5179 copyIMG_5185 copy

IMG_5200 copy IMG_5183 copy

IMG_5220 copy


  IMG_5291 copyIMG_5264 copyIMG_5295 copy

  IMG_5340 copyIMG_5337 copyIMG_5355 copy

IMG_5325 copy copy

IMG_5390 copyIMG_5362 copy copy

IMG_5282 copy  IMG_5283 copyIMG_5335 copy


 IMG_5406 copy copy IMG_5406 copy copy IMG_5406 copy copy

IMG_5423 copy

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