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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Full deets coming but until then…

UPS man! {Tucker, age 6}

IMG_6352 copy_edited-1

Pirate! {Mattox, 4 years old}

IMG_6363 copy

pregnant mama! {20 weeks}

IMG_6350 copy

Bolen Family {2012}

 IMG_6369 copy

Friday, August 17, 2012

Beach Days! {Family Time!}

This family and these sisters are spread out over the southeastern parts of the  US, and with one just graduating college, it was time to celebrate at the beach! They contacted me to do some pictures and I was thrilled to give them some updated ones! I hope your time spent together on the SC Coast was just wonderful! Here is your {sneak peak!}

 IMG_1176 copy

IMG_1179 copy IMG_1182 copy

IMG_1185 copy

IMG_1197 copy

IMG_1203 copy   IMG_1207 copy

IMG_1214 copy

IMG_1218 copy

IMG_1227 copy

 IMG_1231 copy IMG_1234 copy_edited-1

The Harper Boys! {Cousins!}

These sweet sets of brothers, and cousins, wanted to get together and give some cute smiles for their grandmother’s birthday! How sweet! These are some precious boys, I hope you loved your little gift!!!! Thanks for the fun (and hot!) times, Harper boys!! Can you tell which ones are brothers?

IMG_0723 copy

IMG_0756 copy

IMG_0783 copy

IMG_0890 copy

boys IMG_0822 copy

IMG_0930 copy IMG_0937 copy

IMG_0849 copy IMG_1004 copyIMG_0853 copy 

IMG_0882 copy IMG_0788-001 copy joseph

IMG_0885 copyIMG_0839 copy IMG_0874 copy 

IMG_0965 copy IMG_0947 copy_edited-1   IMG_0967 copy

IMG_0940 copy

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Family Time! {The G Family}

This was a fun shoot, a big family! What is there not to love about getting some whole family shots! It gives me photo envy, wanting my own whole family shot! These sweets cousins were too cute and the place has special meaning, the family Home place. I just love the swing, love it, it provided some beautiful shots….love the barn and the tractor, too!  Here is your {sneak peak} G Family!

IMG_0489 copy bw

IMG_0526 copy_edited-3

IMG_0536 copy IMG_0534 copy

IMG_0554 copy_edited-1 IMG_0560 copy

 IMG_0566 copy

 IMG_0579 copy

IMG_0586 copy   IMG_0598 copy


IMG_0644 copy IMG_0609 copy IMG_0622 copy


 IMG_0696 copy

1fam_edited-1 copy  IMG_0719 copy_edited-1 copy