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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pretty Little Flowers! {Harper and Charlie}

This precious little family goes to our church and we have just started to get to know them, which is so fun! How sweet are big sister, Harper, and little brother, Charlie!  All girl and ALL BOY! And funny, it is the all girl that I am totally not used, too! We had lots of  laughs running around and doing airplanes! I hope I captured some of their true smiles! Happy Easter, B Family! Here is your {sneak peak!}

IMG_5458 copy

 IMG_5481 copy   IMG_5516 copy

IMG_5474 copyIMG_5471 copy

IMG_5501 copy

IMG_5476 copy IMG_5495 copy

IMG_5525 copy IMG_5547 copy

IMG_5533 copy IMG_5549 copy

IMG_5553 copy

 IMG_5588 copy  IMG_5569 copyIMG_5577 copy

IMG_5612 copy

IMG_5625 copy IMG_5627 copy IMG_5631 copy

 IMG_5692IMG_5679 copy IMG_5701 copy

IMG_5671 copy

  IMG_5712 copyIMG_5715 copy

IMG_5655 copy

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