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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Double Blessings! {George, Emerson and Stella!}

Erika contacted me to do pictures of her new babies…..BABIES!!! Yes, that was my reaction, too! I jumped at the chance because who can resist twins and who can resist Miss Stella?! She has provided me with adorable Santa pictures and adorable beach pictures so I was excited! Big sister is doing so well with the new additions to her family….George and Emerson! Miss Emerson was SOUND asleep for most of the session, which normally would be perfect but Mr. George was WIDE awake…..we finally got baby girl to wake up and you will see, it turned out beautifully! Of course, big sister rocked it out, too! Here is your {sneak peak!}

IMG_0163 copy_edited-1 IMG_0153 copy IMG_0155 copy


IMG_0376 copy IMG_0386 copy

 IMG_0371 copy_edited-1 emerson

IMG_0263 copy

 IMG_0231 copy IMG_0240 copy

hand IMG_0104 copy 2

IMG_0365 copy

IMG_0348 copy 2

IMG_0414 copy_edited-1

IMG_0402 copy IMG_0409 copy_edited-1

IMG_0407 copy

IMG_0322 copy   IMG_0335 copy

IMG_0326 copy

 IMG_0440 copy_edited-1IMG_0455 copy_edited-1

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