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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The P Family! {Sweet Siblings!}


I’d like to introduce you to the P Family! It was fun getting to know these three siblings…a brother, a sister and a baby brother! As you can see, everybody had fun loving on sweet baby J, and he was just the cutest little thing! Happy baby….it’s always hard when it is hot and buggy outside but all three kiddos rocked it! It was great meeting you….here’s your {sneak peak!}jacksarah

IMG_8771 copy

IMG_8786 copy_edited-1

 Meet Sweet Sister Sarah!

sarahIMG_8802 copy


   IMG_8882 copyIMG_8886 copy_edited-1IMG_9114 copy

 Meet Big Brother Edward!IMG_8924 copy_edited-1

IMG_8934 copy IMG_8897 copy

IMG_9099 copy IMG_8831 copy

Meet Handsome Baby Jack!

IMG_8820 copy_edited-2

 IMG_9020 copy_edited-1 IMG_9021 copy_edited-1


  IMG_9091 copy_edited-1


  IMG_8993 copy_edited-1

IMG_8869 copy_edited-1IMG_8866 copy

familyIMG_9052 copy

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