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Monday, March 5, 2012

Super Hero! {Logan is 5!}

Logan is FIVE! Such a big milestone in a little boys life! What is equally as exciting is the weather we have experienced this “winter!” What a nice birthday gift to have such awesome weather. It was a beautiful day for a photo shoot! As you will see, it got real fun when  the little “Super Hero” showed up! How cute! I love fun creativity!

 IMG_3905 copy 

IMG_3903 copy 

IMG_3919 copy

“Super Hero” Logan is here to save the day!!!!

IMG_3938 copy IMG_3951 copyIMG_3955 

IMG_3968 copy IMG_3984 copy


IMG_3986 copy

IMG_3975 copy

IMG_4027 copy

Stunning blue eyes this super hero has!

IMG_4004 copy copy

….and he’s off!

IMG_4031 copy

Some mama and Logan time….I think it is also a milestone for the mama…her baby turning five and all!

IMG_4081 copy  IMG_4061 copy IMG_4052 copy

So sweeet!

IMG_4053 copy


IMG_4091 copy  IMG_4093 copyIMG_4099 copy



We ended the day with a flower for Mama! Hope you enjoyed your {sneak peak!}IMG_4164 copy

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